Are Drugs A Pseudo Paradise For Paisa And Power Pour ?

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Are Drugs A Pseudo Paradise For Paisa And Power Pour ?

Are Drugs A Pseudo Paradise For Paisa And Power Pour ?

  • Is Cosmopolitan transformation in life style digging the grave of drugs behind?
  •  Are international close up versions paving the ground for grass root after version of drug integration in Telugu States?
  •  As the Government’s actions going ahead in style of America’s Police style in amenities and frank case dealings , can the wiped version of drugs be an anticipation of future?
  •  What changes in years provoked teens and kids to be under the serpentine shade of drugs?
  •  What’s the main pool of being only stocked up with a targeted section in terms of investigation?
  •  Doesn’t the defeat of Shiromani Akalidal and Bharatiya Janatha Party in Punjab’s recent election reflect the consequence of inefficiency in drugs control ?

Drugs…Drugs…Drugs… The chanting lip loosen word shaking off the glamour industry of Tollywood. The beginning stages of drug entry are not the themes of thought provoking in the present scenario. But its consequences and sections affected in holistic picture are more pivotal factors to be bonded.

Glamour field is every heart captivating stir up and heat demanding. Many artists only with the big dream of grand screen recognition come up limiting the mind on setbacks ahead. As the years flooded the entry number reached such a mark that freshness in screen faces are often. Drugs which are surviving as sleeper cells became active once with the silver screen resources. The competition in forward took such a perverted leap that drugs induction for best acting version is opted underground as well. This’s a one side version of drugs.

Culture is not a single factor anywhere but would flow in an integrated style. But forcefully imitated styles under hi-fi style impression would collapse everything to the ashes. The international airport access to Hyderabad made it a platform for diversified habits and styles. The styles and habits exchanged under cosmopolitan adoption somehow induced a different attitude towards fun and enjoyment which later turned up as sign of celebrations. Hukka Parlours and pubs stood as reflection of new means of finding oneself.

The issue made its dig up with school children issuing notices to international schools sounding electronic everywhere. Younger age affect is what gonna destroy the nation in a long stand. But the middle drop and bringing only glamour field heads with hours of media coverage reflects something enigmatic. Children who needs a right direction are now diverted side track! Though the step is gallantry appreciation act still does it makes complete version of right reflection to the public? Keeping aside a few and targeting even after the rest are known which has turned up as the spot of suspicion is the heat factor now.

As far as police vision in Telangana is considered, the minister KTR’s progressive measures to match up American Police Grand System is applaud sounding factor. At the same time Punjab has become as a deciding factor even in terms of ruling party selection by public with drug control as the agenda. Shiromani Akalidal and Bharatiya Janatha Party alliance has lost public credibility being a drug control failure which stood as the success springing factor of INC there. When observed from route level drug is not a simple word but a word of gigantic vibration everywhere spreading arenas.

Are paisa and power have turned up as guard measures in saving the skin of all involving brains? If so what would be the benefit giving factor of sectional targeting? Humiliation to a few families and saving skins of others would turn down to prior zeal and post negligence. Until the measures going on portray the visible benefit in controlling arena nothing can be concluded!

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