Big B And Smriti Irani Applauded That Movie

Big  B  And  Smriti  Irani  Applauded  That  Movie Mumbai: Kruti  Sanan, Raj Kumar  Rao  and  Aayushman  Khurana  made  a  bang  with  the  movie ‘Baraili  Ki  Burfi.’ This  August 18  released  movie  has  won  great  response  not  only  from  audience  but  also  from  celebrities  as  well. On this  monday  Big  B  tweeted  praising  the  movie  team. aayushmankhurana,kruithisanan    ‘My  hearty  congrats ...

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Plans Of Dera For Gurmith Escape

Plans  Of  Dera  For  Gurmith  Escape   To  escape   Gurmith  Ram  Rahim, Dera’s  followers  had   made  a  grand  plan. Once  after  Gurmith  is  declared  guilty  on  friday  his  followers  made an  attempt  for  his  escape. It’s  clearly stated  in  the  F.I.R  by  police.        The  plan  is to  attack  the  guards and  take  away  Gurmith  from ...

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Is ‘Rape’ A Prior Marriage Crime And Lawful After Marriage?

Is  ‘Rape’ A  Prior  Marriage  Crime  And  Lawful  After  Marriage?   The   Center  finally  made  its  tone    high  pitched   diluting  the  vigor  of  ‘Martial Rape.’ “It is considered that the concept of marital rape, as understood internationally, cannot be suitably applied in the Indian context due to various factors, including level of education, illiteracy, poverty, myriad social customs ...

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Peaceful Polling In Kakinada

Peaceful   Polling  In  Kakinada Kakinada: Finally  the  polling  in  Kakinada  ended  up  peacefully. Keeping  apart  minor  disturbances  the  polling   carried  out in  a  good  tone. 241  Candidates   contestyed  in  this  election  and  196  polling  centers  are  arranged. By  4 PM 60.43% voting  is  recorded. The  votes  count  will  be  carried  out  on  this  September1. 2,29,373  voters  come ...

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