Dera Baba Made All Males Impotent

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Dera  Baba  Made  All  Males  Impotent

Delhi: ‘Dera  Baba’s  atrocities  can’t  be  defined. He   made  all  the  remaining  males  in  the  Aasram  impotent. He  had  chopped  off  the  male  intercourse  organs  of  everyone  who  resided  in  the Aasramam. Along  with that  he  continuously  raped  every  woman   who  lives  there. This  has  turned up  as  a  common  ritual for  everyone  there’, Baba’s  personal  guard  Biyanth  Singh  disclosed  finally. 

   Even  the  tape  recorded  atrocities  of  Baba  has come  into  light now. Even  the  black money   accumulated   in  his  premises. He  even  illegally encroached the  poor  people lands. All  the  afcts came  into light  now  through Biyanth  Singh  now.


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