Drugs Case Dilution Leaving The Big Shots

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Drugs  Case  Dilution   Leaving   The   Big Shots

Hyderabad: The   tollywood shaking   drugs  case  is   stirring  up  volatile  day  by  day  is  opined  by  many.  Though  it  has  become  the   spot  connected  from  students  to   big   tollywood  heads   the   further  goings  are   not  at  the mark   of  public  credibility.  It   has   been  rumored    all   around  that  only  a  director  of  independent   background    and   a   hero   have  been   targeted   as   far  as  the  investigation  aspect  is  concerned.

     Already  accusations  are   flowing   on  the   12   notices  issued   despite  the  fact  that  19     acting  heads  are   identified   under  this  wing.

  Charmi   is   abroad   though  her  investigation  date  is  falling  in  the  lap. Even   Mumaith  Khan  who’s  in  big  boss  show   may  not   fall  under  investigation  as  per  the  news  airing.  Only   three   days  fired   drugs  case   with  actors  is  going  more   under   dilution. The  factors  and  facets  may  be  unique  but  consequences   may  cost   the  factor  of  confidence   in  the  public.

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  1. Venkateshwar rao pulikanti

    Credibility of investigation is loosing day by day. It’s another murky deal which goes buried asusual , as seen from previous history. Horn is blown loud for some time then it goes diluted in the wind. Money and power plays greater role in deciding the truth and wisdom. It goes on till a scape goat surfaces out. Finally whims and fancies of politics and money power rules the roost .
    Truth is buried at the cost of nations safety and security.

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