Hyderabad Has Become A Firing Parade – Vikram Goud has got bullet Injuries

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Hyderabad  Has  Become  A  Firing  Parade

Hyderabad: Friday  early  morning  has  witnessed  a  firing  human  made disaster. Congress  ex-minister’s  son  was  attacked  and  fired  by  strangers. Vikram Goud has  got  bullet  injuuries  by  this  attack.  After  attacking  the  strangers left  and  this  incident  happened  at  the  residence  of  Vikram  Goud.

Heavily  bleeding  Vikram  Goud  is  taken  to  the  Apollo Hospital  of  Banjara Hills. Vikaram Goud’s  hand  and  stomach  were  pierced  with  bullets.  After  moving  to  Intensive  Care  Unit  the  doctors  have  taken  out  two  bullets  from  his body.

‘Now  Vikram’s  health  is  stable’, West  zone  DCP  Venkateswararao  stated.  Vikram  is  unable  to  make  clear  of the  way the  attack  happened   it  seems. After  arriving home  late  on  thursday’s  night  Vikram  has  asked  his  wife  to go  to  the  temple  next  day. The  next  morning  when  he’s  getting  ready  to  go  to  the temple  this  attack   happened.

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