Maner Dam River Front should be developed to Attract Tourists

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Maner Dam River Front should be developed to Attract Tourists

Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao said that keeping in view the speciality of Karimnagar, the Maner Dam River Front should be developed and exercise should be done on what are the tourist attracting things to create to make it a wonderful experience for the tourists. The CM said that the facilities and other attractions at the River Front should be created in such a way that everyone visiting various places in Karimnagar should invariably visit the River Front area. “In Karimnagar tourist spots should be developed which are not there in Hyderabad and even Hyderabadis should feel like visting Karimnagar,” he said.

This afternoon, Representatives from Tata’s Shanesh and Suryaprakash gave a presentation on the development of Maner River Front to the CM at Pragati Bhavan. Along with the CM, Finance Minister Sri Etela Rajender, MP Sri Vinod Kumar, MLA Sri Gangula Kamalaker, MLC Sri Naradasu Laxman Rao, Chief Secretary Sri SP Singh, other officials watched the presentation. The Tata Group members said that they have designed the project to make Karimnagar town as a Tourist Hub and Maner Dam a tourism place. In future, Cultural and entertainment programmes can be organised in Karimnagar. They said they have kept in mind Telangana movement and Telangana history while preparing the project.

After watching the presentation, the CM suggested that the first ever River Front in the country, Sabarmati River Front should be studied. He wanted them to examine the possibility of the facilities at Sabarmati River Front to be replicated at Maner. He wanted an in-depth study of the project to be done once again. He also wanted the proposed River Front to mirror the ancient history and everlasting attractions of Karimnagar.

On this occasion, the CM made several suggestions for the comprehensive development of Karimnagar. “The MP, MLA should think on how to develop Karimnagar as a beautiful city. Think how to develop greenery in the city and prepare a comprehensive plan.  Grow trees like Pipal, Neem, and Silver Oak in the open places and grow plants on the government lands. Lay a green walk way around the Kakatiya University as was done at KBR Park in Hyderabad. Appoint a special Forest Officer to grow trees and for extending the green cover. Make a comprehensive plan for the development of Karimnagar. Karimnagar, the place where the first public meeting was held to achieve Telangana should be developed on a large scale,” the CM said. To discuss the matter on development of Karimnagar threadbare, the CM has convened a meeting with MP, MLAs and officials on Wednesday.

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