Market Creation And Festivals To Promote Children’s Film

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Market Creation And  Festivals To Promote Children’s Film

Hyderabad: Panelists at an open forum are unanimous in their opinion that marketing a children’s film is certainly a tough task.

The panelists at today’s open forum organised at the Prasads Imax here today, the fourth day of the ongoing 20th International Children’s Film Festival, are drawn from different countries, including Philippines, Germany and Canada besides Indian cities like Mumbai and Bengaluru. All of them dwelt at length on ‘Market creation and festivals to promote children’s film’ and agreed that though these films are being screened at the festivals, they are not finding their place in regular cinema houses. 

But all of them are confident that the room can be created soon for marketing these films. No doubt, platforms like electronic and print media, social media and mobile networks are available to promote the content thus attracting the targeted audience. Elizabeth Mushakala from Canada said that the situation has far improved than 10 years ago while Michael Harbauer from Germany felt that festivals like that of the one that is now on in Hyderabad should be organised not for a particular period but for the whole year to promote these films. 

However, Raghunath, a professor from the IIT, Bengaluru said that a strong content and the ability to create interesting characters are the prime aspects to sell the product. Screenplay plays a major role in making a film, he said and added that marketing it can be easy now online.

“Social media is very powerful today. You will be surprised to know that four million subscribes of You Tube are just four-year-olds. It is very easy to reach them if the films are posted online,” he felt.  

Concurring with his opinion, Madhu Chopra from Mumbai said that the films should be made with character-specific and then it will be easy to market them. ‘Children’s imagination should be given the wings too,” Madhu Chopra, who is the mother of Bollywood superstar Priyanka Chopra, said.  

Chief Executive Officer of the Children Film Society, India, the brain behind organising the programmes is of the opinion that he has already begun marketing the films. “We all joined atone place here and this too is part of the marketing strategy,” he said. Festivals like the ongoing 20th Children Film Fest are the platforms as the response is very encouraging year after year. 

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