Pawan Kalyan’s Disturbance To Thrivikram

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Pawan Kalyan’s   Disturbance  To  Thrivikram

 The  Words  Magical  Director Thrivikram’s  grand  movie  with  Power  Star  Pawan  Kalyan  is  taking  up  odd  versions  now. Thrivikram  has  ahead  plans  to   proceed  next movie  with  NTR. Though  the  strong  script  is  hand  ready  due  to   Pawan  Kalyan’s  interruptions  to  the  present  movie  are  disappointing  Thrivikram  everyway.

    Pawan Kalyan’s  frequent   rushing  out  of  sets  with  Thrivikram’s  movie  is delaying  the  plans  of  Thrivikram. His  hopes to  release  Power  Star’s  movie by  Dasara  has  been  in  despair already. If  the  present  sequence   continues   the  movie’s  release  by  Sankranthi  may  also  be  a  question  of  hour.

     NTR  has  been  ready  for  the  next  movie  as  ‘Jai  Lava  Kusa’  is  on  screens  now. Until  the  present  disturbances  set  right  the  hope  for  the  next  movie   will  exist  in  the  state  of  hesitation.

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