‘ST’s Don’t Have Intelligence’-Chandra Babu Naidu

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‘ST’s  Don’t  Have  Intelligence’-Chandra Babu  Naidu

  Andhra Pradesh  CM  comments  on  Tribals   has  turned  up   as  a  controversy  now. ‘CM  has  a  down trodden  feeling  for  the  Tribals  and  Dalits. His  recent  comments  at  Kuppam  Mandal  Constituency  displays  this’, Caste  Associations  fired.

     ‘ST’s  lives  in  the  forest.They  wander  here  and  there. They  don’t  have  intelligence. We’ll  develop  them  as  well.  I’m  working  on  a  mission  to  eliminate  poverty. We’re  implementing  welfare  schemes  for  the  poverty  struck sections. The  down trodden  sections  would  be  uplifted  up with  a  grand planning  of  10  crores. If  anything  goes  wrong  in  implementation  of  welfare  schemes  it’s  entirely  the  mistake  of  concerned  activists. Don’t  go on  with  blaming  me   for  that. If  done  so  the  development  comes   to  a  stop. 90% of  the  public  please do vote  for  TDP  and  make  us  come  into  ruling  again. The  credit  of  integrating  rivers  in  the  nation  comes  into  my  mark’, Chandra Babu’s  speech  flowed  on  this  way  at  Gudupally.   

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