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It’s For My People But Not For Me- Anushka

It’s  For  My  People But Not  For  Me- Anushka  Anushka  has  turned  up  as  the  grand  remuneration  taker  not  only  in  tollywood   but  also  in  entire  South  Film  Industry. Sweety  has  reached  one  crore  mark  in  a  very  short  span.    ‘Anushka  has  demanded  this  much  and  that  much.  There  has  been  a  number  people  who  usually  make  this ...

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Anushka Missing From Saho

Anushka   Missing   From  Saho Is  Anushka  skipped  from  the  movie  Saho? Yes  is  the  answer  from  the  movie  sources. Anushka  and  Prabhas  have  stood  up  as  the  super  pair  with  the  world  wide  reputation  won  Bahubali  series  movies. Even  prior  to  that  Billa  and  Mirchi   movies  also  stood  up  as   the  credibility  of  their  chemistry  on ...

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‘Wonderful Starting With Nagarjuna’- Anushka

‘Wonderful  Starting  With  Nagarjuna’- Anushka ‘My   film  career  has  finished  12  years. It’s  all  great   journey. My  first  movie  ‘Super’  under  the  combination  of  Najarjuna  and  Poori   Jagannath  is  a  wonderful   start  up. I  really  thank  my  family,friends  and  fandom   for  their  cordial   support  every way’, Anushka  posted  in  facebook.    Anushka   is ...

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