Wakf Act should be formulated newly in accordance with the Central Act

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Wakf Act should be formulated newly in accordance with the Central Act

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao instructed that the State Wakf Act should be formulated newly in accordance with the Central Act. He wanted action should be taken to identify and protect all the Wakf properties in the State. He said Wakf properties should be fenced and compound walls should be constructed and they should be under the control of the Collectors. As part of the ongoing Land Records purification, Wakf properties should be identified and it should be recorded in the Revenue records. He said top priority should be given to the protection of the Wakf properties in the state.

The CM held a meeting with members of the Wakf Board here at Pragati Bhavan. Wakf Board Chairman Sri Mohammed Saleem, CEO Sri Mannan, members Sri Majum Khan, Sri Akbar Nizamuddin, Sri Syed Zakeeruddin, Sri Pasha, Sri Anushad, Sri Iqbal, Sri Anwar, Sri Nisan Ahmed, MLA Sri Akbaruddin, Advisor Sri AK Khan, Minorities Secretary Sri Umar Jaleel, CMO Secretaries Ms Smita Sabharwal, Sri Bhoopal Reddy and others participated.

Speaking on the occasion, the CM said that Wakf Board properties should be identified, where they are and how they are should be ascertained and details should be recorded. He wanted an action plan should be prepared on how to take back lands that were illegally grabbed and assured that the government will extend all the support in this regard. If there is a dispute between the Revenue department and Wakf Board it should be settled immediately. Once a land or a property is ear marked as Wakf Board’s it should be remain as it is forever. He wanted two committees should be formed for the protection of Wakf properties, the first committee should record the details of the properties while the second will inspect the realities at the ground level and take measures for the protection. The CM has instructed the district Collectors to extend their cooperation for protection of the Wakf properties. He said clarity should also be arrived at on how Wakf Board should function and what are its guidelines. He wanted the Wakf Board to have its extended meeting shortly and prepare its future course of action.

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